GKV Open TT J8/4

The J8/4 “The Tour of Kinder” is back!

2019 Event

The 2019 event takes place on Sunday 21 April

Online entry is now available. Entries close 9 April 2019 at 23:59.



This legendary hilly mile Time Trial is an ‘Open’ event – this means you need to be a member of a cycling club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (CTT) – if you want to enter the event but are not a member of a cycling club you could always join us! You could also give our ‘Come & Try It’ Summer Time Trial Series a go! If you just want to spectate and give vocal support you are more than welcome – please just turn up on the day. If you want to take photos for our club website or help marshal please contact our club event promoter.

What is a Time Trial?

It is a timed event over a measured course. Time Trials are usually held on flat courses over standard distances (10, 25, 50 miles). However the J8/4 is a Sporting Course or Spoco for short. These Time Trials are not flat and are tough early seasons test over varying distance. Riders are held at the start and set off at one-minute intervals – the aim is to give it your maximum lung-busting effort! The winner is the rider who records the shortest time – even if you finish many minutes behind the winner you’ll still have the satisfaction of recording a personal best time!

As well as the overall prize there is a non aero category for those on standard road bikes (no tri bars or clip on aero bars), with standard road helmets and wearing shorts and jerseys will compete.

There is equal prize money for men and women.

And the event is proud to be part of the North West SpoCo league

The course


The course starts at Glossop Fire Station and goes out of Glossop over Chunal, it then goes through Hayfield and towards Buxton before turning towards Sparrowpit and taking you through stunning scenery to the top of Edale before a fast descent towards Chapel-en-le-Frith and then back into Glossop the way you came, the event finishes just after the summit of Chunal. At 25.6 miles and with 3000ft of elevation it’s not for the faint hearted!

Where is it?

The course starts and finishes in Glossop with an easy descent back into town after you have finished the event. As with the High Peak Hog Sportive, Glossop cricket club on North Road will serve as the HQ – please study the course map for directions to the start.

What do I need?

Your can use any type of bike but most riders use specific time trial bikes or standard/aero road bikes with or without tri-bars. You will need to wear a helmet and we recommend you use a rear light.

Bear in mind that the event may be subject to bad weather and has some very steep descents therefore you must ensure your brakes are fully functioning and that you use wheels and equipment appropriate to the conditions.

You don’t need to worry about your fitness level – just give it your best effort and you’ll have a personal best time to aim for next time!

How do I enter?

Check the front page of our club website nearer the time for details or visit the CTT website for information about other ‘Open’ and ‘Come & Try It’ events. You can also purchase the CTT handbook on-line – please visit http://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/Shop/tabid/367/Default.aspx

Our event is designated J8/4 – this is an event code and a legacy from the time when Time Trials on public roads were done in secrecy. You will need to enter 2 weeks before the event date so don’t leave it too late to avoid disappointment – entries are not allowed on the day.

The cost in 2016 will be £9.00. You will be informed of your start-time before the event day – come along 60 minutes before to give yourself plenty of time to sign in, attach your number to the back of your jersey and left shirt sleeve, and cycle to the start-line. You need to be 12 or over to enter and if you are under 18 one of your parents will need to sign a consent form.


Everyone congregates at the event venue to recover, have a chat and some refreshments. You will be told the official results by the time-keepers on the day – these will also be posted on our Yahoo Group, club website, CTT website and published in Cycling Weekly. There may also be photos available to download free of charge after the event! There will be prizes for the fastest senior, veteran and junior riders.

There will also be awards for the fastest club riders presented at our annual dinner!

Safety issues

There will be warning signs for motorists and marshals stationed at the start-line, road junctions, roundabouts and finish-line. Riders must exercise care at all times. All riders are responsible for their own safety and you must obey the Highway Code. You must be prepared to stop at road junctions and the entry to roundabouts if it is not safe to proceed. Do not cross the white line.


A helmet and rear light is recommended. You must look ahead and don’t ride with your head down. You must not take pace or shelter from any other vehicle or competitor – more to the point, be prepared for lots of riders to pass you en route – it’s a tough course and will attract tough riders!

Useful links


Consent form for under 18s

2016 Event

The 2016 Event was a great success with Lee Baldwinof Champion Systems VCUK won the event in a time of 1hr 11m 32s with Craig Battersby of Team Chronomaster 8seconds back and the podium completed by Matthew Moorhouse of Preston CC a further 17 seconds behind. Vanessa Whitfield of The Racing Chance Foundation won the women’s category in a time of 01:30.36 and Christian Smith of Manchester Bicycle Club was the best rider in the non-aero category with a time of 01:15.53. Huge thanks to High Peak Cycles and Dave Shirley Bike Fits for the prizes and to all marshals, volunteers and riders.

Full ResultsFull event report on the CTT websiteRead 2nd place Craig Battersby’s excelent blog about the event.| Photos more coming soon|

2016 Results

  • Overall
    1st Lee Baldwin Champion System/VCUK 01:11.32 Bike Fit
    2nd Craig Battersby Team Chronomaster 01:11.40 £20
    3rd Matthew Moorhouse Preston CC 01:11.57 £10
    1st Vanessa Whitfield The Racing Chance Foundation 01:30.36 £20
    2nd Kate Giddings Liverpool Century RC 01:36.22 Bike Fit
    3rd Sarah Roberts Glossop Kinder Velo 01:49.15 £10
    1st Christian Smith Manchester Bicycle Club 01:15.53 £100@HPC
    2nd Andrew Nulty Holmfirth CC 01:17.42 £20
    3rd William Neill Leek Cyclists Club 01:18.56 £10
    V40 Simon Bridge Manchester Bicycle Club 01:12.13 £10
    V50 Paul Robinson Lyme Racing Club 01:15.47 £10
    V60 David Neill Leek Cyclists Club 01:28.38 £10
    V70 Rod Brooks Warrington Road Club 01:35.18 £10
    Timed Climb
    1st Craig Battersby Team Chronomaster 00:04:20 £10
    Fastest Team
    1st Manchester BC Simon Bridge, Christian Smith & Joseph Dobson £10 each
  • Full Results
    Position Title First Name Surname Club Cat Time Aero/Non
    1 Mr Lee Baldwin Champion System/VCUK S 01:11.32 A
    2 Mr Craig Battersby Team Chronomaster V40 01:11.40 A
    3 Mr Matthew Moorhouse Preston CC V40 01:11.57 A
    4 Mr Simon Bridge Manchester Bicycle Club V40 01:12.13 A
    5 Mr Ben Norbury Congleton CC S 01:14.07 A
    6 Mr Joe Le Sage Rutland CC V40 01:15.09 A
    7 Mr Sam Clark Buxton CC S 01:15.12 A
    8 Mr Andrew Newby Langsett Cycles RT S 01:15.24 A
    9 Mr Paul Robinson Lyme Racing Club V50 01:15.47 A
    10 Mr Christian Smith Manchester Bicycle Club S 01:15.53 N
    11 Mr Joseph Dobson Manchester Bicycle Club S 01:16.44 A
    12 Mr Andrew Nulty Holmfirth CC S 01:17.42 N
    13 Mr William Neill Leek Cyclists Club S 01:18.56 N
    14 Mr Mark Brearton The Endurance Store V40 01:19.07 A
    15 Mr Chris Edmundson Fibrax-Wrexham RC S 01:19.10 A
    16 Mr Stephen Hall Wrexham Road Club S 01:19.27 A
    17 Mr Tony Grassby Peak Road Club V40 01:20.28 A
    18 Mr Peter Haigh Glossop Kinder Velo S 01:21.20 N
    19 Mr Arne Beswick Buxton CC S 01:21.33 N
    20 Mr Graham Yardley Central Lancs Road Club S 01:22.02 A
    21 Mr Peter Laud Common Lane Occasionals V40 01:22.05 N
    22 Mr Trevor Mayne Birdwell Wheelers V50 01:23.03 N
    23 Mr Simon Holmes Rutland CC V40 01:23.42 N
    24 Mr James Gough Barnsley RC V40 01:24.19 N
    25 Mr Chris Wilcox Lyme Racing Club V50 01:24.47 A
    26 Mr David Cookson Preston CC S 01:24.48 A
    27 Mr James Roberts Chester RC V50 01:24.53 A
    28 Mr Philip Knupfer Manchester Bicycle Club S 01:25.04 N
    29 Mr Chris Reynolds Liverpool Century RC S 01:25.39 N
    30 Mr Jason McDonald Bury Clarion CC V40 01:25.58 A
    31 Mr Chris Lunt Chorlton Velo S 01:26.16 N
    32 Mr Garreth Bruff Barnsley RC V40 01:26.29 A
    33 Mr James Russell Macclesfield Wheelers V50 01:27.46 N
    34 Mr Mike Jones Congleton CC V40 01:28.27 N
    35 Mr David Neill Leek Cyclists Club V60 01:28.38 N
    36 Mr David Shirley Glossop Kinder Velo V40 01:28.54 N
    37 Mr Wayne Gregory Barnsley RC V40 01:29.55 N
    38 Mr Martin Harney Manchester Bicycle Club V50 01:30.08 N
    39 Miss Vanessa Whitfield Racing Chance F’dation W 01:30.36 A
    40 Mr Jason Dobson Manchester Wheelers V40 01:30.36 N
    41 Mr Andrew Grace Crewe Clarion Wheelers V60 01:31.25 N
    42 Mr John Bennett Barnsley RC V40 01:32.03 N
    43 Mr Lukas Hodgson Manchester Wheelers S 01:33.02 N
    44 Mr Joe Whiteley Glossop Kinder Velo V40 01:34.03 N
    45 Mr Dan Robinson Manchester Wheelers S 01:34.17 N
    46 Mr Nigel Harrop Seamons CC V60 01:34.51 N
    47 Mr Rod Brooks Warrington Road Club V70 01:35.18 N
    48 Mr Robert Barnard Team Cystic Fibrosis V40 01:36.03 A
    49 Miss Kate Giddings Liverpool Century RC W 01:36.22 N
    50 Mr Mike Cleary Manchester Bicycle Club V40 01:37.32 N
    51 Mr Matthew Riddiough Boylan Glossop Kinder Velo S 01:39.34 A
  • 52 Mr Chris Hanson-Jones Frodsham Wheelers V40 01:41.16 N
    53 Mr Franck Turmel Josek Manchester Tri Club V40 01:41.44 N
    54 Mr Stephen Brundrett Glossop Kinder Velo V40 01:44.16 N
    55 Mr Charlie Shepley Glossop Kinder Velo S 01:46.27 N
    56 Mr Anthony Doyle Glossop Kinder Velo V40 01:49.02 N
    57 Mr Carl Moriarty Glossop Kinder Velo V50 01:49.07 N
    58 Miss Sarah Roberts Glossop Kinder Velo W 01:49.15 N
    59 Miss Holly Carter Manchester Wheelers W 01:49.20 N
    60 Mr Steven Lacey Barnsley RC V40 02:02.37 A
    61 Mr Rob Waghorn Congleton CC V70 02:32.39 N
    Miss Faith Roberts Racing Chance F’dation W DNF
    Mr John Catley Barnsley RC V40 DNF
    Mr Richard Bassett Manchester Wheelers S DNS
    Mr James Murphy Frodsham Wheelers V40 DNS
    Mr Tom Whalley CC London S DNS
    Mr David Hole Seamons CC V50 DNS(A)
    Mr Darren O’Toole High Peak Cycles RT V40 DNS(A)
    Mr Rupert Pearson Rutland CC V40 DNS(A)
    Mr Steffan North Wills Wheels CC S DNS(A)
    Mr David Crawley Velotik Racing Team V40 DNS(A

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