Club Road Rides

Road rides

Our club organizes group road rides on Sundays throughout the year and also on Thursdays during the Summer months. All rides depart from Glossop station and specific information is usually posted on our Facebook Group a day or two beforehand.

There are also regular shorter slower beginner’s rides.

A description of the proposed ride usually includes route, distance, severity and whether or not there is a café stop – it may be altered depending on the abilities and time-constraints of those riders who turn up on the day. If nothing is posted on our Facebook Group, the ride may not be on. Everyone is welcome but be prepared – please read the following information on fitness level, riding in groups, etiquette and safety issues. This will help to ensure you have an enjoyable time. Don’t forget to bring some money if there is a café stop planned!

Please note all riders  on club rides must wear a helmet, No Helmet No Ride

Once you have come along on a few rides you will need to join our club and agree to our club rules.


Fitness level

The club rule is ‘no one gets dropped’ but if you are new to road riding, it is important you are reasonably confident in your fitness level and ability to complete the ride to ensure you enjoy yourself.

Everyone is welcome but the last thing we want is for you to have a bad experience and be put off coming out with us again. We strongly recommend you go on a few practice runs – please use the links below for examples of typical club rides and the pace they are ridden. It is important to appreciate it is much easier to ride in a group on the flat so bear this in mind. Please be prepared for faster riders to go ahead on the hills and wait at the top for everyone else to catch up.

It is recommended that new riders who are not confident in their fitness ensure that they bring either computer with mapping or a fully charged smartphone or learn the route so if it is too much you can return home safely. Also ensure that you bring gels, bars or other food to get you through the ride – if you don’t the cafe will feel even further away. Please also ensure that you eat properly the day before with plenty of carbs to avoid the bonk!

We will shortly be updating this page with some new routes to test your fitness on ahead of coming out with the club.



Riding in a group

The benefits of riding in a group are more than just social – you will travel faster with less effort in a group than on you own, saving around 20% of your energy due to reduced wind resistance. Try and stay close to the rider in front (6 inches) to maximize the slipstream and allow riders around you to also use it to best effect. It is a difficult skill to master but of huge benefit once you can do it. Please let others know if you are new to the practice. If you are nervous about hitting the wheel in front, try riding 6 inches either side of it and don’t stare at the wheel. Try to look up – you will relax more and see any problems before they arise. Ride in a straight line and keep at a steady speed – the rider behind needs to be confident that you won’t move out suddenly or slow down without warning. Please be prepared for the group to cycle in a ‘chain gang’ – taking turns to lead at the front.

Ride in single file if there is heavy traffic, on the approach to a narrow road or overtaking a line of parked cars. If you are cycling in a large group, make sure you bunch up into smaller groups so that cars can ‘leap-frog’ each smaller group. Car drivers can sometimes be antagonistic to cyclists so it is good practice to make things as easy as possible for them. You don’t want to wind a driver up by causing them to be stuck behind you unnecessarily – frustrated drivers may take unnecessary risks!
Please slow down for horses and give them a wide berth. Call out on approach and wait for the rider to notice you – they may need to take a stronger hold on their mount or to reassure them. Pass slowly and as far away as possible to minimize possible distress and give you the best chance of staying out of range if things do go wrong!


It is important to know how to communicate with other riders on the go. Point out hazards on the road and indicate when you are pulling out or turning. Shout ‘CAR BACK’ or ‘CAR UP’ when a car is trying to pass from behind – please move into single file to let it pass if needed. Shout ‘CAR FRONT’ or ‘CAR DOWN’ when a car is approaching from ahead if it might encroach on your road space. Shout ‘CLEAR’ when a junction is safe to cross. Shout ‘CAR RIGHT’ or ‘CAR LEFT’ if a junction is not safe to cross – do not shout ‘no’ because this can easily be confused for ‘go’! Shout ‘ON YOU RIGHT’ to riders you intend to pass on their right side so they know not to move out. Shout ‘STOPPING’ if you intend to stop so others don’t cycle into the back of you!

Safety issues

All riders must comply with the Highway Code. All adult riders are responsible for their own well being during the ride and should be prepared for situations such as adverse weather conditions and mechanical problems. A signed parental consent form is required for all riders under the age of 18 and someone within the group will need to take responsibility to ensure they are not left on their own during the ride.

Always wear a helmet – please remember it will be your fellow riders who will have to help you if you have an accident. Please wear high visibility kit and lights if there is any chance of mist/fog or not getting home before dark. Always take two spare inner tubes, a puncture repair kit, tyre levers, a pump and multi-tool. If you have a puncture or mechanical problem, don’t drift to the back of the group and get left behind – call for help!

If you are not familiar with the planned route or locality please alert the person leading the ride and give them your mobile number in case you get separated. Always take you mobile phone so you can call for help if needed and make sure you have an ICE (in case of emergency) number stored. Please be prepared for a lack of signal in some parts of the Peak District. We strongly recommend you also use a GPS device.

We strongly recommend you have personal and third-party liability insurance. We recommend you join British Cycling and get either Ride Membership or Silver Race/Gold Race. Please visit

Sunday rides 

Jack Brown leads out the 10am ride on most Sundays. It is usually 60–80 miles taken at 13-15mph depending on terrain and always has a cafe stop. You should get home between 2pm and 4pm.



Thursday rides

Paul Talbot leads out the ride at 6pm most Thursdays during the Summer months only. It is usually 20-50 miles taken at 15-17mph depending on terrain and doesn’t have a cafe stop. You should be home before dark but always bring lights and wear high visibility kit just in case.

Recipe for pain/joy (delete as appropriate)
1. Join us on Strava at
2. Map out your route on or other mapping device
3. Upload to GPS device – iPhone, Garmin or other
4. Go on ride using GPS device to navigate – you must put maximum effort up everyone hill or computer will not work!
5. Relax (beer, massage etc)
6. Upload ride to Strava website
7. Bask in the glory of PBs and KOMs/QOMs
8. Follow other riders on Strava and give kudos – you never know other rider may give you some!
9. Repeat…

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