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Cycle Tours

Dom Page and Dave Coulter are our intrepid cycle tourers. We organise ‘A to B’ tours along the National Cycle Network such as the ‘Way of the Roses’, ‘Coast & Castles’ and ‘Lochs & Glens’ routes. We also do club weekends based in National Parks such as Snowdonia, the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales.

Our tours are designed to appeal to as many club members as possible  The cycle tours usually include 2-3 youth hostels or campsites on successive days and  require you to use a fully equipped touring bike. Club weekends using only one hostel or campsite as a base are suitable for standard road bikes.


Friday. We will either travel to the starting venue by car or take our bikes on the train and then cycle to a hostel or campsite. We will all meet for an evening meal in a local pub or cater for ourselves using the hostel facilities or campsite BBQ – the route for the following day will be discussed over a few beers…

Saturday. An early start will depend on the availability of a full English cooked breakfast. The route will usually be 60 to 70 miles ridden at 10 to 15 mph depending on terrain – it may be necessary to split into smaller groups depending on numbers and ability levels. We will meet at the next venue or return to the hostel or campsite to shower, change, discuss our exploits, next day’s route and drink more beer!

Sunday. Another early start and full English cooked breakfast will be a priority – if a loop is planned, those who need to recover may prefer to have a lie-in and do a walking expedition rather than a bike ride. After the activities of the day we will shower, change and then pack up and return home on the Sunday evening – those who have flexible working hours may prefer to stay an extra night and return home on the Monday.

Be prepared!

A standard road bike will be ideal for the Club Weekends returning to a base venue but you will require a fully equipped touring bike with a rear rack and panniers for the Cycle Tours. Tandems are welcome!

Clothing is important and ideally it should be cycling-specific – please be prepared for wet and/or cold conditions, wear high visibility kit and use lights if there is a chance of mist/fog or not getting home before dark. Always wear a helmet – please remember it will be your fellow riders who may have to help you if you have an accident. Always take two spare inner tubes, a puncture repair kit, tyre levers, a pump and multi-tool. Always take you mobile phone so you can call for help if needed – we recommend you also use a GPS device.

It is very important you have a good level of fitness – the last thing we want is for you to have a bad experience and be put off coming on a cycle tour with us again – if you can manage one of our longer and hillier Sunday 10am club rides you will probably be OK!

Past and future exploits…

To get an idea of what to expect please view the following accounts and photos of previous Cycle Tours and Club Weekends

‘Way of the Roses’ Scarborough to Morecambe Cycle Tour June 2012

Coast & Castles‘ Newcastle to Edinburgh Cycle Tour March 2013

Lochs & Glens‘ Glasgow to Inverness Cycle Tour September 2013

Snowdonia Club Weekend in Bethesda October 2013

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