Progress report

Welcome to the new GKV website! This is a work in progress as the web team get to grips with the new hosting package and content management software, but feel free to have a poke around and make yourself at home!

Initial work has concentrated on just getting the site up and running with some basic info and contact details. Next comes the fun bit of developing a nice aesthetic look to the website in snazzy GKV team colours and filling it with lots of useful info and attractive content. This might take a while, so bear with us while we play around with a few formats to see what works best.

Any suggestions for features you would like to see on the new website would be welcome. We are working on a photo gallery, routes database (for inspiration for ride leaders),¬† info about our favourite places (cafes, hills (Paul), bikeshops) and¬†links to websites with useful info about maintenance, non-club rides and events, etc. Lots of good stuff basically but if there’s something you think we might have missed, please leave a comment or email

Cheers, Dan